Texas is big!!!

So far we have been in Texas a week and it has a lot of real estate!  Our first night was in Ft. Stockton about 5 hours from Las Cruces.  After driving in rain most of the day and spending the morning getting 4 new tires put on the Fiver (my Christmas present), we decided to change plans from one night to two for a rest.  The RV park had a restaurant run by family and we enjoyed a good and simple dinner…steak and trout!

Ft Stockton metal statues

The town was built in the late 1800s and had a “cute” downtown that was half full of business; the rest was out on the highway…even a Walmart!  Both ends of the town had metal sculptures of cowboys up on hills as welcome/good bye.  At the railroad station there were more metal figures…picture not so good…there are trees and metal!

Some impressions…

From El Paso to almost San Antonio the landscape is like Nevada…high desert with very few towns

  • I-10 stretches have lots of windmills and numerous ledge cuts through layers of rocks…beautiful
  • Oil and gas wells and numerous fort towns…remnants of pre Texas statehood?
  • Texas Hill Country (where we are now at Canyon Lake) is really hilly and the roads just follow the hills
  • At the bottom of some of these hills, there are signs marking the height of any flood waters!
  • Churches have road signs announcing them…never seen that before
  • Texas has Aquifers…signs on the road identify and it looks like mini basins…to collect water to go back to the aquifer?
  • Pick em up trucks are EVERY where
  • Fireworks are for sale in pop up shops along the road…guess they are legal?!
  • River Walk in San Antonio ought to be in every city…our Christmas Day present

riverwalk cruiseriverwalk

We try to travel on Interstates while dragging the Fiver…basically so I can help drive!  Jack informs me these roads were built by Eisenhower to connect the states but also for the military to move troops, etc. quickly.  It appears that these roads are now used mainly by monster trucks!  In AZ, NM and TX the speed limit is the same for all vehicles…75 to 80.  Trucks are passing trucks and us…we even pass trucks that might not be doing 70 plus.  Our exploring is done on state roads…

canyon lakewalking on dam

Canyon Lake and the dam one can walk over about a mile.  We have been here almost a week…very quiet by the lake with a herd of deer living on the grounds…a wildlife preserve.  They wander around the trailer, sit down like a dog guarding us, and do not move away when we go outside!  Our neighbor feeds them some kind of grain?


Moving on to Ft. Worth area on Wednesday.  We will be there a couple of weeks visiting Linda and waiting for Jane to arrive on the 11th before we head west with Jane as a passenger on the couch…arriving at Joel and Sherry’s .

Happy 2015 to all…


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