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After 2.5 weeks in Tres Rios RV Resort, time to move on…towards the west and hopefully sunshine.  Next time we are in the Ft. Worth area, we would again stay here as it is the confluence of 3 rivers and a very nice park.  Unfortunately, this time the propane bottles have been re-filled about every 4 days and the lowest nighttime temp was 25 requiring the heater to be on all night in order to avoid problems even though it was still 40 degrees in the bedroom come morning!  We are hardy folk from NV while these Texans think such temps are really cold…

Tres Rios
Yesterday we and 2 of Jack’s 3 sisters visited the George W. Bush Presidential Library…again the TSA type security.  We are assuming those libraries of living Presidents will all have such protection?

Bush w sistahs

Visiting these libraries has given us a real picture of the different personalities as opposed to what we have received from the media.  This experience was rather sad to me as it re-lived 9/11 and even though it occurred only 14 years ago, there are adults now who were children then…as we discovered when talking with younger people.

Bush TX size PresTexas sized Presidents…!!!

Several items to mention that struck me as different from the other 4 libraries…

*the gifts from other countries to the President were displayed in the entry and described as “gifts to the American people”; other places had the gifts within the exhibit and even though forbidden to be kept by the President and First Lady were listed as gifts to them

*the events of this presidency appeared to be foremost with family woven into the stories

*terrorism was a large part of emphasis; very relevant fact…after WWII there were 22 democracies in the world; in 2008 there were 121 suggesting that “wars” might be achieving the spread of freedom

*education/reading were a strong focus of this administration creating No Child Left Behind…much has been said about the failure of this initiative.  However, the original idea was to provide basic education to all children while the downfall has been due to the testing…an unintended consequence!

*there was a hands-on table display of the world and the different strategies to combat terrorism…just like the Hawaii 50 TV show so Jack got to actually use one of these “magic” tools!

*another tech event was a decision room where separate desks could be manned by visitors who could choose problems this president had faced.  After facts and opinions were presented, the visitor chose how to solve it and then how it had been solved was presented!  Reading George W Bush’s book on Decisions was an eye opener to me since voters never have all the information available to decision makers.

Bush inside Ceiling in entry with changing scenes…

All of the Presidents Libraries we have seen so far could be visited multiple times…and, all voters could really benefit from seeing who these leaders really were as opposed to just what the media has given us.  They are also a great visual history lesson for children!

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