Big Country on I-20…Jan 2015

Back to West Texas, this time on I-20 instead of I-10…what a difference.  This stretch is called the Big Country and we saw oil derricks all over the place along with more commerce along the highway.  Still a lot of empty landscape, though!

big country oil

Usually we have a reservation for our next home, not this time.  After calling several RV parks while on the road and getting “sorry, no space”, we were wondering if there was going to be a Walmart for the night?!  Finally the Speak Easy RV park gave us a space…well, sort of…

big country rv

Never mind…Jack and Jane can always enjoy wherever…especially with a beer or wine…!

Actually, it was kind of interesting…the manager was a very talkative soul and hailed from Fresno.  He joined us for a beer and regaled us with his story…professional skier and RV park developer.  Hence the front loader next to us…we were also told that the sheriff patrolled the park as the renters were transients and oil workers (profiling?!)  So, for the first time we locked up the chairs and bought the Tailgater inside after watching nightly TV.

Next morning as we left Colorado City, we drove through the downtown looking for a lawn mower…at the RV park, the manager told us one of the town’s drivers had lost his license so he drove his lawn mower to town!  According to the sheriff, there is no legislation against driving a lawn mower on the road and parking it in car spaces…

On to more adventures and stories…!

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