Marfa, TX…Jan 2015

Interesting “art” town…!  Marfa is in the southwestern part of Texas at 4600 feet elevation…more cold nights but the days have been sunny and nice.  Varied landscape, including unusual mountains with volcanic looking rocks, minimalist art and almost non existent restaurants…

marfa mtn marfa courthouse

The town was started in the late 1800s hoping for growth based on oil, which did not materialize.  However, there is a huge county courthouse, Hotel Paisano built in 1930 with an inside courtyard and very beautiful tile floors and walls.  Jack tried to get a shoe shine while looking at pictures of the movie stars in Giant, filmed in Marfa.

marfa paisanomarfa shoe  shinemarfa hotelmarfa sculpture

Evidently an artist of the minimalist school, Donald Judd, left New York City in 1970 and arrived in Marfa to do his art…and the town fell into step updating small houses and Victorians into clean lines and spare design…very interesting.  Old gas stations are art galleries and military forts turned into fields of artistic “Judd” forms (maybe Stonehenge?) and sparse metal sculptures in homey environs.  Many, many churches…

Marfa churchmarfa judd

Incredible restaurants…if you can find them!  We decided to go out Saturday night for dinner expecting to find many choices.  The town looked deserted except for one place that looked like a house except there were many cars and a lighted front yard…we decided that meant either a party or a place to eat, so we went in the side door.   Yes, it was a restaurant…excellent food, wine and desserts and Jane treated her fellow travelers!  The next day we were looking for lunch after exploring the town and again did not find much until we saw a very sparse concrete/metal building with a handwritten sign saying “lunch”…it led to a minimalist garden with a maximum taste menu of curry chicken and ginger tea.

marfa lunchmarfa garden

And ,we finished up our visit to Marfa, the art town, with a visit to the Lost Horse Saloon…the Vic in Sparks wins if we had to choose…!

marfa bar

Tomorrow off to Arizona and then California for the Super Bowl at Joel and Sherry’s RV Resort…our favorite place…

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