So Cal ~ Feb 2015

A lot has happened since our drive from Yuma AZ to Joel and Sherry’s 20 acres between Hemet and Temecula in SoCal…and a lot did not happen!


As an FYI, a 71 year old ought NOT to stand up in the dark, while carrying a very large flashlight (heavy) after being seated on a crate of clothes and after the golf cart has come to a stop…some how that old lady fell backwards without even touching the tailgate and landed ka boom on her back!!!  The really good news is that thankfully her head and back escaped injury…the right knee succumbed to an acute sprain with no broken bones according to urgent care.  According to symptoms and maybe an MRI, if knee does not get better, there might be some soft tissue issues…argh!

J-CE chairEverybody involved has been very good to the impatient patient so that after 2 weeks of crutches, bed rest and doing trailer stairs on her butt, all that remains is a knee brace…while waiting for knee to bend like before…

More than you wanted to know!  The lot that did not happen was “touristing” while Jane was still here.  Guess she got bored since she left to go home to Maine…and the snow…that will J-J&Jkeep her busy instead of “talking” with her Bro…

Our place here is a secret because it is so special…the Fiver sits all alone on top of a hill with full hookups and 290 degrees (Jack will correct that figure) including spectacular sunsets AND dinner every nite down the hill (in above mentioned golf cart).  The company is superb, especially Jack’s brown juice companion (family secret) and a budding Chef Connor, who cooks for us.  What a deal…and it is very much appreciated.


To top everything off, Joel and family treated Mr. Jack and spouse to a Birthday Dinner on his 73rd

Our sojourn here (and 3 months on the road) will end next week as we begin our trek up California towards home.

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