Maumelle & Clinton Library

The Clinton Library is in Little Rock, AR and we found another Core of Engineers park on the Arkansas River in the town of Maumelle (mymelly…a special person!)  Again, we got site 13, my lucky number.  We are about 25’ from the river and a huge marina.  Again, the spaces are very large with all the amenities of our first “find”…today we went for a walk seeing all the gorgeous boats…thought of maybe exchanging the Fiver for the Nauti Lady…?!  Guess not, somebody else got it…

AR maybeAR oops

First night we went to Thirst n Howl…a neighborhood pub to see some local flavor, and we did…it was Razorback game night and the place was full of people wearing red…we became fans!  Had fried catfish, fried hushpuppies and fries…surprisingly good as the batter for frying was light and tasty.  The dessert expert, me, ordered key lime pie and someone else requested peanut butter pie…both were worthy of 5 stars!

AR clinton

Maybe, just maybe, the Presidential Library here is a favorite due to location, architecture and arrangement of material…OK, here are the reasons.

Location…on the Arkansas River with huge park surrounding it and a car bridge that is now a walking bridge from the other side of the river to the entrance.

AR l locationAR location

Architecture…the south side of the building (it is a north/south rectangle) is mostly windows with interior window coverings that block sun but not the view of the city creating a very open feeling when inside viewing the exhibits.  It is 3 levels with a 4th that houses a mini house for the Clintons, when they visit.  We tried to get there in the elevator, but it just would not go up…only Library to have that feature.  The Coke sign was for an event at the Library.

AR chulily

Arrangement…the building is a version of the Long Room at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.  As one walks along the long hall, the material is identified by separate places for each of the 8 years Clinton was president.  The interior side has pictures of events in that year and the well known visitors to the White House.  In the exterior side, a topic such as education, defense, legislation is highlighter.  Each year section also has videos of interest for that particular time frame.

So far we have not seen a Cabinet Room in the Presidential Libraries, so it was a first for us here.  At each seat denoting the different Secretaries, an interactive monitor was available to see the highlights of that position during the Clinton tenure.  On the 3rd level we saw the Presidential Gifts, White House Celebrations, Personal Photographs, a State Dinner table seating and the only gown shown, Mrs. Clinton’s silver inauguration gown by Oscar de la Renta.

We also talked with the Security Guards handling the airport style entrance.  Evidently, since 911 the 3 Libraries to have been built have this type of security…the 2 Bush Libraries and this one.  We had thought it was because these Presidents were still living; however, the Carter Library does not have this security.

AR fiver across river  Fiver from the Marina…Arkansas River

Two more Libraries to go!  Seeing 11 of the 13 has us making comparisons…forgot to mention that all have had the Oval Office so far, and Carter’s was the only one to arrange the sofas differently!  Instead of parallel to the desk, he had one facing the desk and one facing the fireplace with the 2 rockers by the fireplace…very folksy!  It was mentioned that he chose that arrangement so he could sit by the fireplace in the morning and read the reports.

Off to Truman and Eisenhower…and then south just ahead of a snowstorm!!!

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