Roswell NM ~ aliens!

Do you believe in UFOs and visitors from other galaxies?!  After visiting Roswell and the UFO Museum, it is hard not to believe.  My travel partner certainly does and I remember reading about the happenings here.

NM aliens c

It dawned on us that our children and grandchildren have probably never heard about a rancher finding a debris field with strange “bodies” and material.  When reported to the authorities, the military intelligence got involved and something we did not know…the day the find was reported, NM Senator Hatch called President Truman and requested an immediate meeting!  That info was not in Independence…

NM aliens j

A long and drawn out battle of PR and government intimidation ensued on the good citizens of Roswell to recant their stories about “aliens” and saucer-like “planes” to one that a weather balloon had “crashed”!  Many of those people recanted their “military” story on their death beds back to aliens and saucer type craft.  So…believing is easy, especially because we know two creditable people who have seen UFOs in that time frame.

NM sunset

Sunsets in the southwest are gorgeous…my iphone camera does not do justice to the reds and oranges…this is from our Fiver window!

tx cottton

On our drive from Post TX to Roswell, we passed acres and acres of cotton fields!  I had assumed that cotton no longer was grown in arid areas once it left the fields around I-5 in southern California; here it is in the arid part of Texas…

Onward to another adventure…

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