Post TX ~ out of order!

Post TX is east of Roswell, of course; just a memory lapse!  Back to assumptions…upon arriving in Post, first impression was a tired little town long past its prime.  I checked “things to do” finding only a cemetery, small museum and a gift shop deemed worthy of note.  Decision made to just keep Fiver connected (good catch, Jane!) for a quick get away in the morning.

tx mr post

Well, that evening the sistahs reminded us that Post TX is noteworthy due to the founder of Post cereals!  Next morning we did drive around town, with our Fiver as the streets were VERY wide, and many made of red brick.  In front of the county seat building is a statue of C.W. Post, founder of that box that sits on your breakfast table, at least many tables.  Interestingly, there never was any cereal manufacturing in the town, named after the founder.

tx fiver

When the town wanted to be a county seat, they needed 75 votes to qualify…even the horses got to vote!  Later, Mr. Post provided much of the funding for this building, identified as an excellent example of “prairie architecture”.  It was amazing how wide the streets were and how many buildings and streets were made with red brick.

Just have to stop the assumptions…!


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