Truth or Consequences ~ Caballo Lake

Traveling around requires flexibility…all the time!  Plan was for a 3 day stop before continuing our westward trip…ending up as a 10 day stay in order to see Spaceport America.  Our scheduled tour was cancelled due to lack of enough people…not a problem, we’ll just find more stuff to see…and wait for the tour that has enough people…

NM caballo lake

The Internet with reviews about RV parks is a great asset in finding “homes” on the road.  Jack found a small place very near Caballo Lake south of Truth or Consequences (called T or C here) and we are finally able to meet fellow travelers.  Since we usually are exploring, meeting people in parks is not easy.  The owner here has a Social Time every day at 4:30 to 6 pm…bring your own drink and she provides munchies.  Imagine how happy that makes somebody in the Fiver?!

NM lake w C

The lake has huge stone mountains on the eastern side…Elephant Butte…and not much population.  In fact, we think NM is much like NV with only 3 major cities…Las Cruces in the south and Albuquerque / Santa Fe in the north.  We are situated in the middle of NM AND it is warmer than up north but still a spate of freezing weather with sunny days.  I mean below freezing at night…so water source unhooked at night and reconnected during the day.  We can turn on our pump and use stored water during the evening and night.  And our good ole propane heater keeps us from freezing.

NM metal horse  Truth or Consequences…

It seems that the only place for Snowbirds is southern AZ and CA…in the last 2 years we have not found warm weather in any other southern state…maybe FL?  Out of range for us…at least no more ice or rain!

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