New Mexico Adventures…

While at Lake Caballo Rv Park, waiting for our tour of Spaceport America, we found a few things to see…NM snowy road NM canyon

Silver City on Hwy 152…a 75 mile trip on a very narrow full of switchbacks road ascending from 4000’ to over 8000’…a road sort of like the one in Death Valley, only this one is paved also cold, icy and snowy at about 7000’…!  We made it but decided to return to the Fiver on a regular road heading south.

NM toad restaurantNM silver city sidewalks

A fun time in snowy Silver City at the Little Toad Distillery Bar & Grill…someone even bought another jug of whiskey!  The sidewalks downtown are elevated up to about two feet in some areas…a lesson learned once when flash floods roaring down the main street did a lot of damage.

NM log cabinNM rail by store

Chloride is a quaint little village, all that is left of a prosperous silver chloride mining town from the 1870s…now a “Ghost Town” with 10 full time residents.  A General Store sat empty for 70 years with all the contents left under lock and key.  It was re-opened and is now a museum with fascinating contents ranging from tools to handmade shoes by a woman for her own use to food/spice containers.  The building is amazingly sturdy with no sagging floor or roof! Next door is a building that was a saloon, then became a school and is now a gift shop with artistic offerings created by the town residents.  There is a café operating a few days a week…we missed by one day finding it open!

NM J favorite NM planes n cars

War Eagles Air Museum in a small town south of Las Cruces started as a private collection of WWII planes by the Macquire family and now includes cars and planes from other donators.  Interesting to us, there were 2 places considered in the early 80s for the museum to be built…Reno and Las Cruces…it was decided though to set up in Santa Theresa closer to home.

NM vla size  NM c vla size CE in front!

Very Large Array, unusual name describing the National Radio Astronomy Observatory…”immense dishes spread over 100 square miles of a pre-historic lake bed gathering invisible light-radio waves from space…probing the profound secrets of the universe”.  The location is at 7000’ in a scarcely populated area in order to avoid pollution of electromagnetic radiation.  Several movies have been filmed at the site and Carl Sagan was a visitor during his lifetime.

NM j size n # NM vla barn

Spaceport American deserves own page…

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