Spaceport America ~ T or C, NM

Living with a futurist, who happens to have a fancy degree in aeronautics and astrophysical matters, brought us to Spaceport America located on an almost mile high desert location in NM.

NM space logo jNM spaceport

Absolutely fascinating…there are actually almost 30 such “airports” of the future in the world.  Without doing much research (my forte!), the NM one may be the only one financed by a US state for job growth.  It is a hub leased by some of the growing cadre of space “startups” in the USA…Elon Musks’s (Tesla) SpaceX, Jeff Bezoz (Amazon) Blue Origin and SNC in Reno’s SpaceDev.

NM logo ceNM space sculp w sparkkes
The sculpture logo has “crystal” lights to imagine stars…

The guided tour was 4 hours long…38 miles one way out of T or C (where an explanatory Visitor Center is located)…and removed almost $100 from our pockets…worth every penny!

NM ce windowNM window w opaque

A day after our visit, SpaceX fired off a rocket with satellites to be delivered to the crowded highway around our earth…AND landed the booster rocker back on a pad not far from the launch in FL.  This accomplishment is key to space travel for the many, not just the few, by reducing cost.

NM space hangar

The main structure has 3 stories with the ground level large and high enough to be a hangar for the exploratory space craft.  Windows onto the floor can become opaque if and when a company does not want visitors seeing their product.  In fact, visitors have to register ahead of time in order to be vetted…!  Maybe just adults because children do have field trips here…?

NM space controlsNM spaceway

An air/space control building is separate and manages the “spaceway” that is north/south.  Being a mile high is an asset from sea level in propelling a rocket upward…although the latitude is further north than in FL.

I know someone gratified to see an increased focus on space that was lost after our moon walk and the 60’s endeavors.  NASA is no longer the engine; small start-ups are…!

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